Sharing a quote by Antoni Tapies - from my heart:
“If I can’t change the world, at least I want to change the way people look at it.”

 Resume/Curriculum Vitae
The presentation of a painter, whose works hold a critical view of the social, cultural and political spheres of our existence, but in a little less conventional (fashionable) way for the present times. The goal of my art is to provide a critical overview of our social, cultural and political spheres in a slightly unconventional (trendy) manner. I am more interested in self-reflection on the phenomenon of alienation I am witnessing as it goes (contradictorily) hand in hand with globalisation rather than focused on any political engagement. I feel like sheer existence is draining our last bits of energy in these crazy times. We are straining ourselves with precarious work, fighting for our dear life and in the process forgetting about ourselves and our interpersonal relations. To live in unity and harmony, peace and love now seems an outdated and illusionary hippie idea that is so far from reality. I am trying to face this experience and internalise through the leitmotif of my last cycle of paintings called Unity. Using "as little words as possible" in minimalist "gestalt" language that allows for some artistic expression and space for the world of each individual, I am trying to transform unity into a hybrid of a warning (traffic) sign and icon "logo(therapeutic) type". Although I follow the principle of "spot, line, surface in space" and focus on the basic elements of fine art, I tend to use colour, shape and composition to explore tensions in relationships between colours on the canvas as well as optical effects of more or less discernible forms. My goal is to bring to the fore the foundations of meanings, emotions or narratives. My paintings feature similar visual signs that form new conceptual units in space, i.e. Gesamtkunstwerk, that open up new perspectives and encourage dialogue. My view of the final part revolves around a (harmonious) attitude towards space, possibly a very clear and brutal concrete area in all the seriousness of "beauty in silence". Dusa Jesih, 2015

DUSA JESIH, short bio
Dusa Jesih was born on 16 January 1977 in Ljubljana. In 1996, she completed the Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana, specialising in graphic design. She obtained her BA in painting at the College of Visual arts in Ljubljana where she also completed her specialisation in painting three years later. In the period 2006–2007, Jesih attended specialisation courses at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. In 2012, she enrolled in the master's programme at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and received the Preseren Award for students in 2015. She lives in Ljubljana.

2023 Dodecaphony, City galley Nova Gorica
2022 (Non)aligned, Dvorac Petrovica, Centar savremene umetosti Crne Gore, Poodgorica
2022 Roundabout, Galleri Weinberger - Scandorff, Copenhagen
2020 Ménage a passage, Gallery Kos Ljubljana
2019 One for all - The Bauhaus Centenary, DDT Trbovlje
2018 Give me a sign, Gallery S, Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana
2017 Modus Vivendi, Gallery Kibla, Maribor
2017 Art Critics' Choice, Cankarjev dom, The culture of all arts, Ljubljana
2017 Form vs geometry, Dusa Jesih and Paola Ravasio, Gallery FOVI, Ptuj
2017 (No) dialogue, Gallery Mirat&Co, Madrid
2017 Unity – Between the lines, Bezigrad Gallery, Ljubljana
2016 Between the lines, Gallery Krka, Novo Mesto
2016 Genome, Gallery AQ, Celje
2015 Geometries, Factory of Art Majsperk, Majsperk
2013 Urbane structures, SiTi Artstore, Cristal palace, Ljubljana
2012 Genome, Gallery Five-pointed tower, Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana
2011 Cons, Gallery Tukadmunga, Studio 8, Ljubljana
2010 Art Critics' Choice, Cankarjev dom, The culture of all arts, Ljubljana
2010 Embedded, City Art Gallery NG, Nova Gorica
2009 Three Way, City Art Gallery of Ljubljana
2008 Pocket edition in transition, MGML City Art Gallery Ljubljana
2008 Paintings, Gallery Passage, Ljubljana
2008 Pocket edition in transition, Centre of contemporary arts Podgorica
2007 "Dusa Duse", Tobacco Art Museum Ljubljana

2023 The memory of the visible and the touch, Gallery Loza, Coastal Galleries Piran
2023 Colours | Group show, Gallery Equrna, Ljubljana
2023 Artwork Orange, Summer group show, Galleri Weinberger-Scandorff, Copenhagen
2023 Century Idee Bauhaus, Museum Wilhem Morgner, Soest
2023 Piccole Geometrie | Group show, Double room,Trieste
2023 Geometry in Slovenian art, Gallery Zuccato, Porec
2023 Century Idee Bauhaus - László Vass Collection (EU Capital of Culture 2023),
Modern Art Gallery Veszprém
2023 International Extempore Piran
2023 International Extempore Ptuj
2023 International Extempore Kras

2022 Traveling to East, CAM Museum, Napoli
2022 Returning the gaze, CUKRARNA Museum, Ljubljana
2022 Majski salon, Kibla Portal, Maribor
2022 Tendence v abstrakciji, Galerija S, Ljubljanski grad, Ljubljana
2022 Grand Opening Collective, Abcynth Gallery, Lille

2021 Structura, Artstays, Ptuj
2021 Lille Art Up, Grand Palais Lille
2021 We are all absolute beginners, Ravnikar gallery Space, Ljubljana
2021 Vojteh, MAO, Museum of Architecture and Design Ljubljana
2021 Home and abroad, UGM, Maribor

2020 Home and abroad, Gallery Kos, Nebotičnik, Ljubljana
2020 Autopornography on st. Nicholas day, Ljubljana
2020 Free sun, MGML City Art Gallery Ljubljana
2019 New positions, Gallery Y, Sloart, Ljubljana
2019 Century Idee Bauhaus - 100 Jahre Bauhaus, 798 Art District, Beijing
2019 Berlin Art Week – Positions, Berlin art fair, Hangar 4 - Tempelhof Airport, Berlin
2019 Century Idee Bauhaus - 100 Jahre Bauhaus, Berlin gallery Weekend, Berlin
2019 May Salon, Painting, The National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana
2019 From the Open Studios, The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroska (KGLU)

2018 Art takes Miami, Miami Art Week - Art Basel
2018 Art takes Soho, 45 Lispenard St, New York
2018 May Salon | Print Exhibition, National museum of Ljubljana
2018 Geometry - The rationality of view, 7th International Fine Arts Festival Kranj
2018 Prrrrrrr, MGML City Art Gallery Ljubljana
2018 70 Years of Artistic Creativity in Nova Gorica | Retrospective, Nova Gorica City Art Gallery

2017 Salon ZDSLU, The National Museum of Ljubljana
2017 Marbella Art fair, Marbella
2017 Big is beautiful, Artstays, Ptuj
2017 MAD Art Fair Madrid, Madrid

2016 Sloveindia, National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi, New Delhi
2016 Matrix Print Exhibition, Gallery Velenje, Velenje
2016 MUS Art Fair Maribor, Maribor
2016 Collection Extempore Piran, Scuola Libera dell Aquaforte, Piran
2016 The great migration, UGM | Maribor Art Gallery, Maribor
2016 Concretists to Bohemia, Concretists Club, Hradec Kralove
2016 The creators, Gallery of Contemporary art Charlama, Sarajevo
2016 The Collection as Will and representation, SKUC Gallery, Ljubljana
2016 Slovenian Contemporary Art, Factory Rog, Ljubljana
2016 May Salon, National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana
2016 Intersections, Office in Tel Aviv Gallery, Israel

2015 ALUO LXX. Past, Present, Future exhibition, Jakopic Gallery Ljubljana
2015 My 5-best off, Gallery Loza, Koper
2015 Homage a Malevich, MGML City Art Gallery Ljubljana
2015 Festival Ljubljana, Ljubljana

2014 I am woman, CAM - Contemporary Art Museum Casoria, Naples
2014 Project Muse, Month of Design, Ljubljana
2014 Transform in Art, Ceausescu Residence, Bucharest
2014 SaatchiArt Showdown "Inglorious Colours", LA

2013 Geometrism in Slovenia, »Black and White«, Biennale Alpe-Jadran, Kranj
2013 Minimum Maximum, Basel
2013 Minimum Maximum, Banja Luka
2013 Infierno. Mihelic gallery, Ptuj

2012 ARTHOOD SELECTS, »Great promise«, curated competition, LA
2012 Saatchi Abstract Showdown, London
2012 LACDA, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, Los Angeles
2012 Donne in Europa, Palazzo Brambilla Morpurgo Biblioteca Statale, Trieste

2011 »Visual Distortion of reality«, Gallery ZDSLU, Ljubljana
Piran, 57. International Painting Ex-tempore, major purcase price, 2022
Piran, 55. International Painting Ex-tempore, winner prize, 2019
Preseren National Art Award, Ljubljana, 2015
Piran, 48. International Painting Ex-tempore, winner prize, 2013
Ptuj, International Painting Extempore Ptuj, 2011
Piran, 44. International Painting Ex-tempore, winner prize, 2009
Piran, 43. International Painting Ex-tempore, Grand Prix, 2008
Piran, 42. International Painting Ex-tempore, winner prize, 2007

Gallery of Contemporary Arts Podgorica
Coastal galleries Piran
MGNG City Art Gallery Nova Gorica
MGML City Art Gallery of Ljubljana
Charlama, Sarajevo
Benetton Collection
Art Collection Luis Bassat, Catalunya
Ellen de Generous Private Art Collection, Los Angeles
Saatchiart Featured Artists Collection, LA
Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples
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