Dusa Jesih, The doors, (Re)construction, instalation - Mestna galerija Ljubljana 2018
Dusa Jesih, Golden eye, acrylic on canvas, polyptych 150x150cm, 2018
Dusa Jesih, E pur si muove, polyptych painting, 4x1,7m, 2018
Dusa Jesih, Loophole I. & II. - Whole, polyptych | (De)construction, acrylic on canvas 120x210cm, 2018
Dusa Jesih, Splitting, acrylic on canvas 1x2m, 2018
Dusa Jesih, Rebirth I.&II., | Penta(n)gram, United we stand divided we fall, polyptych c 180cm, acrylic on canvas, 2016
Dusa Jesih, Should have been, "moving paining", from a cycle Modus vivendi, 2017
Dusa Jesih, Another point of view, "moving painting" | Penta(n)gram | united we stand divided we fall,2016
Prrrrrrr | Group exhibition |
28. 6. 2018–9. 9. 2018
Artists presented at the exhibition: Suzana Brborović, Špela Čadež, Olja Grubić, Duša Jesih, Simona Semenič & Nada Žgank, Maja Smrekar. Following last year’s group exhibition of male painters, provocatively entitled "Better Doggy Style Than No Style", staging a show featuring an all-female selection was a must this year, in part also due to last year’s polemics a propos the not yet eradicated discrimination against women in society, and therefore in art and culture.
The artists featured in this show wittily strike back with their “pussy style”, as suggested by the exhibition title, underscoring the metaphorical polysemy of the phrase. The selected artists are at different stages in their career: some have just entered the field of contemporary visual art while others have already drawn considerable attention, in Slovenia and internationally, with the consistency of their approaches, their public appearances and their accolades, including winning important international awards. Recently, some of them have also kicked up quite a lot of (unjustified) dust among the general public in Slovenia by broaching burning issues and sensitive or taboo topics in a highly articulate manner.
Through painting, drawing, photography, animated film and site-specific sound and visual installation, the artists address themes such as: the anti-immigration rhetoric in Slovenia and other defence mechanisms of the political management of space through Nazi anti-air-raid architecture (Suzana Brborović); alienation, loss of identity, personal distress, alcoholism and contemporary society’s indifference to these problems (Špela Čadež); the breaking down of sexual taboos through drawn representations of the nude female body and fruits, in an allusive reference to basic erotic experiences (Olja Grubić); the current socio-political reality through geometrical abstract representations of ideological signs and Malevich’s iconographic narrative (Duša Jesih); the dichotomy of gender difference and the stereotypical, inferior position of the female population in relation to the male population, manifested in women’s worse material and social status at virtually all levels of society (Simona Semenič & Nada Žgank); and, last but not least, the obsolete and immature view of the human race as exceptional as well as its arrogant, and at the same time utterly trivial, attitude to other living beings (Maja Smrekar).
Production: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana | Exhibition curator: Mateja Podlesnik | Artists: Suzana Brborović, Špela Čadež, Olja Grubić, Duša Jesih, Simona Semenič & Nada Žgank, Maja Smrekar | Text: Mateja Podlesnik | Design: Ajdin Bašič | Exhibition installation: Technical services of MGML | The exhibition was made possible by: City of Ljubljana
Dusa Jesih, Never really here I.&II., poliptych, acrylic on canvas, 2017
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